Paladin Defense offers a range of radios for a multitude of applications.



CeoTronics CT-ClipCom Digital with PSA

CeoTronics CT-ClipCom

CeoTronics CT-Neckband Headset

CeoTronics CT-Earpieces

CeoTronics CT-ActionNeckband Headset

CeoTronics CT-CombiCom

CeoTronics CT-ThroatMike Comfort

Push To Talk

CeoTronics CT-MultiPTT 3C

CeoTronics CT-MultiPTT 2C

CeoTronics CT-MultiPTT 1C Plus

CeoTronics CT-MultiPTT 1C

CeoTronics CT-WirelessPTT MIL


CeoTronics CT-DECT Multi

CeoTronics CT-DECT Case

L3Harris XL Extreme 400P

L3Harris XL Converge 185P

L3Harris XL Connect 95P

L3Harris PRC-117

L3Harris PRC-152A

L3Harris PRC-158

L3Harris PRC-160

L3Harris PRC-163

L3Harris PRC-167

L3Harris XL Onboard Series