Training and Services

Nepali Army EOD Course

During January 2023, a training team provided by Paladin Defense Services carried out an EOD Equipment Training Course for the Nepal Army EOD Holding Unit based in Kathmandu. Paladin provided instructors, coordinated their travel to and from the EOD unit, and oversaw the smooth execution of the course. The Paladin instructors were chosen based on their experience in explosive ordnance disposal and overall military expertise. Equipment covered during the training course included:

  • QinetiQ TALON remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • QinetiQ TALON remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • ForceWare Demining Ensemble
  • ForceWare Demining Tool Kit
  • Safran PLFR-25C BT X2 Pocket Laser Range Finder
  • Vallon VMC1 Metal Detector
  • Vallon VMR3 Metal Detector and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • US Army AFRICOM – Exercise Justified Accord, Kenya, Logistics & Tents
  • US DHS (ICE) – EOD Training Support
  • US DOS – Logistics and Life Support for Afghanistan Evacuation
  • Commerce (NIST) – Laboratory Support


  • US Army – Medical and Lab Equipment, maintenance & on-site
  • US Army – CBRNE Sensors
  • US Army – Explosive Detection Kits
  • USACE – Unmanned Systems (Search Robots)
  • USMA West Point – Spectrometers & Lab Support
  • USAF – Tactical Radio Support
  • USAF EOD – Disruptors
  • Various LE Units – Tactical Cameras, EOD Equipment, CBRNe
  • US Bureau of Engraving – Scientific Instruments
  • US Secret Service – Drones
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