LASA LWB Covert SA06 Plate

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LASA LWB Covert SA06 Plate

The LASA LWB Covert SA06 ballistic insert provides discreet ballistic protection against special threats for use in situations where the user needs to blend in.  Designed to be ultra-lightweight and inconspicuous, the LASA LWB Covert SA06 is thin and shaped to conform to the user’s body to reduce the appearance of a plate under normal clothing.

Key Features
– Covert design shaped to conform to the user’s body shape, delivering discreet protection
– Working as a standalone solution, the body armor protects the wearer from the following special threats:
– 56 x 45mm 55gr ball (M193)
– 7.62 x 39mm 123gr PS ball (mild steel core)
– Ultra- lightweight design, a medium torso plate weighs just 0.91kg (areal weight of 14.2kg/m2)
-Undetectable from metal detectors
-Buoyant and ergonomic design prevents drag when used in water
-Passes stringent NIJ 0101.06 drop test requirements