Revolutionizing Firefighter Training

FLAIM Systems leverages cutting-edge virtual reality technology to provide immersive, realistic training experiences for firefighters and emergency responders. Our solutions ensure safe and effective skill development in various emergency scenarios.

FLAIM Trainer

The FLAIM Trainer offers a comprehensive VR training experience, simulating real-world firefighting conditions. This innovative tool integrates haptic feedback and real-time environmental data to enhance learning and performance.


  • Realistic VR Scenarios
  • Haptic Feedback for real-world sensations
  • Comprehensive performance analytics

Download FLAIM Trainer Flyer


The FLAIM WSF (Wearable Sensor Framework) enhances training by capturing detailed physiological and environmental data, providing insights into the physical and mental stress of emergency responders.


  • Wearable sensors for real-time data collection
  • Detailed analytics for performance improvement
  • Integration with FLAIM Trainer for a holistic training solution

Download FLAIM WSF Flyer

Man demonstrating FLAIM WSF. He is wearing the FLAIM Trainer headset on his face and holding the simulated fire extinguisher in his hand.
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