NeoSan Labs CBRNe

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NeoSan Labs CBRNe

Military-Grade Decontamination

NeoSan Labs® CBRNe (DF200 3rd Gen.)
The most advanced, ready-to-use, high-temperature-resistant, high-foam decontaminant
NeoSan Labs® CBRNe Powder
Can be used with freshwater, seawater, and water drawn from rivers and ditches with no adverse effect on performance.
NeoSan Labs® CBRNe Surrogate
Intended for training, this product mimics appearance, handling, mixing process, and application method ofthe actual decontamination product.

NEOSAN LABS® CBRNE destroys or detoxifies chemical agents in a single application.
– Destroys at least 95.0% of HD within 60 minutes
– Destroys at least 99.0% of GD within 60 minutes
– Destroys at least 99.0% of VX within 60 minutes*
– Destroys biological agents in a single application
– Minimum of 6-log reduction for Bacillus Anthracis spores within 60 minutes
– Remains effective 8–10 hours after mixing in a batch process