Garett Recon Pro AML-1000

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Garett Recon Pro AML-1000

The AML-1000 is used in traditional search techniques to locate and pinpoint UXO and low metal content mines. The AML-1000’s static search configuration allows searching in tight areas where slow speed search techniques are required. Automatic return to Factory Settings on each power cycle insures that the operator sets the equipment to the conditions required for each search.

The Recon Pro is versatile, highly rugged, waterproof and is operational to 3 meters depth. It is very simple to ground balance and offers excellent sensitivity to small targets in difficult ground conditions.

Full Operational Versatility
– Military: Rapid deployment for mines, UXO, and IED search
– Humanitarian: Highly dependable with deep detection capability

Optimum Detection Sensitivity
– Low metal content targets to large metallic items are detected in ALL soils and shallow water in full detection
– Designed for military and industrial use where user interface is more controlled
– Includes standard 8″ (20cm) search head
– True Non-Motion Mode (static) search operation

Easy Transport
– The Recon-Pro easily collapses and folds to a compact size for storage in its backpack or watertight transport case
– Only 19.8 inches (504 mm) when folded