Kirintec Mercury Ventura

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Kirintec Mercury Ventura

Mission proven in the most demanding operational environments in the world, Mercury is designed with ultra-fast, powerful and versatile signal sources. Our Mercury Ventura systems are fully programmable to counter the threats that you face. They can be upgraded in modular increments to increase system coverage or address new threats that arise. Mercury Ventura variants include portable and backpack systems supported by vehicle docks and other accessories.

Frequency Range
– 20 MHz – 2.7GHz

Ventura Man Pack
A high-power man-portable carry forward system with detachable battery cage
– Continuous fully programable jamming coverage available from 20MHZ to 6GHz (in a dual unit version) that is 4G LTE ready
– Ultra-fast agile signal generation technology within all products in the Mercury range

Vehicle Dock
With the battery cage removed a VENTURA system can be fitted to a vehicle dock to turn it into a high-power vehicle-based jammer. The dock consists of a permanently installed vehicle-based docking system that re-routes all the antenna RF signals through higher power amplifiers.

Vehicle installation
Mercury vehicle dock has been installed in a wide range of vehicles including:
– Armored Military Vehicles
– Armored SUVs
– Soft Skin
– Armored Limousines
VENTURA is highly efficient and compact so it can be lifted in a range of spaces with minimal impact on vehicle ergonomics and cooling systems