NP Aerospace 4020 ELITE

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NP Aerospace 4020 ELITE

Unrivalled Flexibility

The 4020 Elite bomb suit is NP Aerospace’s highest protection, elite performance bomb disposal suit.  It delivers unrivalled flexibility with protection against all aspects of blast, including flame, fragments, pressure wave, and tertiary effects.

Advanced Protection
The 4020® Elite incorporates 360 degrees of protection with no ballistic windows consisting of a composite, ergonomically balanced helmet system (independently powered), an armored jacket with built in spine protection, ventilation and quick release systems. An articulated blast plate contoured to work in conjunction with the helmet to reduce head injury and armored trousers with integrated quick release system.

Optimal Situational Awareness
The 4020 Elite’s advanced helmet system with powerful de-misting technology, along with a low profile jacket collar delivers unrestricted vision in challenging environments without compromising safety.

Superior Mobility
In addition to ensuring the highest levels of survivability, the 4020 Elite is designed for enhanced maneuverability, providing the EOD operator with the flexibility they require for operating in a restrictive environment. The business conducts its own maneuverability tests, testing flexibility to crouch, climb and crawl. The suit’s breastplate features an innovative three-piece telescopic construction to deliver outstanding flexibility whilst minimizing the transmission of shockwave energy to the user’s torso.

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