1st Line EOD Tool Kit

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1st Line EOD Tool Kit

The 1st Line EOD Tool Kit is designed to provide EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians with a versatile, lightweight ordnance disposal package. This kit is ideal for missions where the user has limited cargo or carry space and where the operator must take weight or dimensions into consideration. The kit can be carried in a cargo pocket or stored in a small compartment. The Immediate Action Pouch is included with the 1st Line kit or can be purchased separately.

1st Line EOD Tool Kit contains:
4 in 1 Screwdriver (1)
-18 cm Robogrip (1)
-Microtorch (1)
-General Metal Reamer (1)
-Markal All Surface Marker (1)
-Markal All Surface Marker Refill (4)
-Ullman Inspection Mirror (1)
-Olfa Stainless Steel Slide Lock Graphics Knife (1)
-Write in the Rain Notebook (1)
-Black Sharpie (1)
-Ceramic Bladed Scissors (1)
-Ceramic Fixed Blade Knife (1)
-Vaughan Mini-Bar Nail Puller (1)
-Loctite Epoxy (1)
-Loctite Epoxy Mix Nozzles (2)
-K2A Non conductive Tweezers (1)
-Miltex Forceps – Insulated (1)
-Miltex Potts-Smith Surgical Scissors – Insulated (1)
-Non Conductive Spudger – Plastic (1)

Immediate Action Pouch contains:
-IAP Customised Nylon Pouch (1)
-Ceramic Box Knife (1)Small EMT Shears (1)
-Miltex Forceps – Insulated (1)
-Gerber Multi-plier 600 DET Black (1)
-9 m Roll Back Gorilla Tape (1)
-Gerber Recon M CPL Task Light (1)
-Large Black Safety Pins (5)
-Ceramic Box Knife Replacement Blades (5)