2nd Line EOD Tool Kit

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2nd Line EOD Tool Kit

The 2nd Line EOD Tool Kit is customized to equip EOD and Bomb Technicians with the tools necessary to execute render safe procedures. The modular design of the 2nd Line Kit allows operators to customize the configuration based on each scenario. The 2nd Line comes complete with six individually populated tool kits: 1st Line, Immediate Action Pouch, RIP Kit, Detonator Diagnostic Kit, Manual Access Kit, and Bit Kit. All six tool kits fit into the Mystery Ranch RATS Pack or the Mystery Rance NICE Crewcab to Complete the modular design.

2nd Line EOD Tool Kit Includes:
– Mystery Ranch RATS Pack or Mystery Ranch NICE Crewcab
– 1st Line EOD Tool Kit
– Immediate Action Pouch (IAP)
– Remote In-extremis Pull Line Kit (RIP Kit)
– DET Diagnostic Kit (DDK)
– Manual Access Kit
– Bit Kit
– Pelican Case 1620

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