Nexter NERVA® LG

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Nexter NERVA® LG

Nexter NERVA® LG

NERVA LG Versatile Light Robotic System can be integrated into combat systems.  Like the NERVA S, the NERVA LG is a robust and reliable mobile platform, intuitive and very easy to use.  NERVA LG can be used for remote observation, detection, destruction (IED), manipulation, jamming, triggering, (trip wires), etc.

Most Unique Mobile Platform
The NERVA LG Versatile Light Robotic System is particularly well-suited for reconnaissance and opening up of potentially dangerous areas (IED or CBRN threats).  Easy to deploy, throwable and with a high speed capability, it fits to the tempo of operations. It can be reconfigured in a few seconds on the field, with no special tools (wheels/tracks, payload, batteries) and it always provides the capabilities best suited to the context. It can be used by mounted or dismounted personnel, using a control station with advanced ergonomic capabilities. It also forms a natural extension for operational vehicles.


-Ultra robust, shock resistant, waterproof
-Can be used by dismounted personal or any vehicle
-Can be easily operated from any standard equipment
-Extremely short training time, a few minutes
-Standard version overcomes up to ~4 inches height
-Geo-referenced snapshots + Video recording

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